Aaha (Tamil,1997)

Produced by Goodnight Mohan of Shogun Films, it starred a new cast of actors in lead roles of the film. Music was by Deva and dialogues by ‘Crazy’ Mohan.

It was a fun film, a family entertrainer, set with in the backdrop of a typical Brahmin upper class family.

It’s portrays the growing generation gap between an old fashioned father and today’s modern youth. Throughout the film, the father’Pepsi’Parusuram, never comes to terms with his young son Sriram and keeps abusing him to be a good -for- nothing fellow. Sriram strangely also has a knack of being at the wrong  place at the wrong time, and may a time takes the blame of others on himself . Thus he makes his father hate him more.

In one such instance, Sriram takes his elder, Raghu’s serious blame upon himself and puts a brave face a tragedy to save his sister’s marriage. Parusuram who hated his youngest son so much transformers to love him, the most. He understand that behind the modern outlook of today’s youth there lies a heart of a good human being. Finally it becomes an eye opener for the father and the verge ofr college to reunite.

I received the best comment from Super star Rajnikant. He said, “Suresh, forget your films like Baasaha, Annamalai, Sathya and others. Aaha is your masterpiece”. He was so excited for me’….I would always cherish those words.Thank you Rajni Sir

Aaha (Telugu,1998)

During the making of Auto driver, Nagarjuna who saw the Tamil version of Aaha was so impressed that he decided to buy the rights of the film and produce it himself in Telugu.

This time it was Jagapathi Babu and Sanghvi with lovely music by Vande matharam’s, Srinivas.

The film was made with same energy as the tamil version and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. One shot which was one of its kind was brilliantly executed. There was a single shot of 10 mts i.e one full reel-one shot. We had rehearsed from morning and shot it in the evening. Everybody brilliantly executed scene, in front of and behind the camera!

The film did well. At many places it ran for more than 100 days. It was for this movie that many appreciated me for coming up with a contrasting  film form Baasha. An action film in Baasha to a family film in Aaha.

Veera (Tamil,1994)

Another combinitation with Super star Rajnikant, with Meena and Roja. Music by the maestro Ilayaraja and produced by the famous writer Panju Arunachalam.

It was a brilliant comedy film with a love angle. The super star in combination with Senthil another ace comedian won the hearts of many with his amazing comedy sense.

The hero a small singer from a village comes to city in pursuit of becoming big in singing in a competition. He goes on to win the first prize and from there his musical career succeeded but then came the trouble too. The audio cassette owner’s daughter falls in love with him and wanted to marry him but then hero who was already in Love with a girl in his village somehow tried to escape.

At one stage he comes to know that his village girl had died in a cyclonic storm and when he comes back he is forced by his mother to marry the rich girl. He agrees. The dead village girl returns and now the whole confusion begins. To save the situation he keeps telling lies one after the other even created another hero, thus creating lot of commical funny situations.

Vedan (Tamil, 1993)

Starring action hero Sarath Kumar, with Kushboo, Sarath Babu and Charan Raj. It was produced by Sathyajyothi film’s Thyagarajan with music by Deva.

An action packed 007 kind of film, it is about policeman Vijay, on an undercover mission to red-handedly catch Bhoopathy, one of the most notorious criminals of the state. Bhoopathy has powerful links with very influential politicians, a difficult catch, out of reach from the arms of the law! Vijay with the help of his mentor, Raghava is embedded in to the underworld. He plays his role to perfection and gradually rises in rank to become right hand man of the villain. But what he did not expect in the process of exposing the truth, was that he would have to witness tha death of his mentor before his eyes.

Vijay fights many battles from Chennai to Singapore and almost gets killed before he succeeds in saving his state and his country from falling in to wrong hands!

Vasundhara (Telugu, 1991/92)

Following Amma, this was another film for Ramoji Rao company. It was a story of strained relationship between a father and daughter.

Raghava loved his wife so much that when he loses his wife at childbirth, he blames his newborn infant to be fully responsible for snatching his wife away. He just would not accept her as his daughter. Vasundara finds solace only in her grandmother. At one stage when the father realises his stupidity, Vasundara walks away from his life. Raghava, stands on a major cross road of his life and finds no one to help him untill Vasundara comes to his rescue. Realising his mistake, he begs her to come back home but she is unable to accept him and refuses the offer. Vasundara’s decision and her walking away from his life for the second time greatly shocks Raghava.

The film had brilliant performance. Fine technical values. It won three awards. I got the Best Screenplay State award, along with Mixing engineer, and child actor. The film performed above average and was critically acclaimed.