Amma (Telugu,1990)

The film was produced by Ramoji Rao,whose name is synonymous with Hyderabad film city, one of the biggest in Asia.Suhasini Mani Ratnam palys the central character of Dharani in this film with great aplomb.

It was a very bold subject about a lonely women, in her mid-thirties Dharani craves for close human relationship paarticularly that of a child. But she friends and family repeatedly using her when it suits them but never accepting her as one of their own. There was this one time when her brother with his family including his new-born second child visitn her. They use her money, exploit her offer to help them only to reject her pleading request to adopt his first born child.

Dejected and alone, she starts losing her faith in all human relationships except that of a mother and child. Desperate for help, she asks her friend, Siddhartha married and with a teenage daughter to help her by giving her a child without marriage! He takes her to his house only to show that he puts a brave face to the world when he has a terrible relationship with his own wife. Dharani understands from him that you accept what fate throws along your path.

One fine day she meets Siddhartha’s daughter face-to-face, shocked to see that it was the same girl who used to be her friend. Their friendship had fallen apart when Dharani caught her in bed with another man in her own house!

Filled with dramatic twists and highly emotional scenes, the movie finally evolves to depict how Dharani becomes a mother in a truly poingnant way.

Though the movie made quite an impression with critics, it had a very average performance in the box office. Ramoji Rao, even today, calls it his favourite film. The movie won a couple of state awards. Brahmanadam a renowned comedian played a serious role for the first time and bagged the state award. The Small girl playing the child character also bagged the state award.