Auto Driver (Telugu, 1998)

It was my first combination with the handsome actor, Nagarjuna. One of my previous films Baasha had been dubbed into telugu had made it a big hit. Thus with this film expectations soared further.

It was a slightly misleading title for the film even though Nagarjuna was playing an auto driver. It was basically a romantic film. It is a story of an improbable romance between an auto driver Jagan and Shrawani, a Miss India beauty. The movie’s writer Bhopathy Raja has also written a number of my other films.

Personally i liked the manner in which we treated the movie. I thought it would be a success, but then expectations were set so high from me particularly after Baasha, that it went on to be an average box office film.

Nevertheless it was great working with Nagarjuna, I called him the prince. He was full of grace and style even in day-to-day life. Having his wife Amla, heroine for my earlier film Sathya, sometimes on the set created a nice friendly working atmosphere.