Baasha (Tamil,1994)


A landmark film of my career. For many, it was also cult film. It was the first of its Kind, made in a non-linear narrative screenplay. You might notice certain films, even today, are made in similar format. You would perhaps notice that most heroes in South India would have done a role in Baasha format. The film also had Nagma as the heroine playing the role of Priya.

For Superstar Rajnikant and myself though, it was a hat-trick. Annamalai, Verra and now Baasha.

The story revolves around an auto driver Manickam with a dark history, as Baasha, the most feared don in the underworld of Mumbai. It had a gripping screenplay and a brilliant performance from the super star.

When somebody asked me, how did you make such a great film, I quoted Ramesh Sipppy on his film Sholay, “Films like Sholay are not made, it happens. “Very true!