Baba (Tamil, 2002)


It was one of the biggest hyped films of that time. It was also my fourth film with super star. It was produced and written by Rajni Sir himself. A.R.Rahman was the music director, Chota was the cameraman, G.K was the art director.

It was a very unusual story, with a mystical element in it.

Baba was a non-believer. He used to smoke, drink and get into street brawls. But his mother and uncle knew Baba was no ordinary kid, his birth was in fact a divine one. One day a temple elephant crossing the street notices Baba with a strange hand posture. The elephant retraced its steps and blesses him. EveryBody is shocked by the incident except for his mother and uncle. In the course of events Baba falls in love with Chamundeshwari (played by Manisha Koirala). Her father, a renowned astrologer is very curious and requests Baba’s mother to show him his horoscope. His curiosity turns into amazement as he has never seen such a horoscope and spells out all the future in store for him.

Events manifast themselves as predicted Baba has a strange meeting with Mahavatar Babji, a great saint and his life is transformed from that point. He is given 7 blessings which he could use as he wants to. At first Baba does not think greatly of his boons but slowly he realises that he is a man with Gold-like powers. Word spread around and greedy people from politics, thirsty for power, start luring him towards them. When Baba refuse to join their side they decide to use muscle power. How he overcomes this copmplication and danger and what he decides about his future completes the story.