Daddy (Telugu, 2001)

This film was my second fortunate opportunity to team up with mega star Chiranjeevi. Produced by Geetha arts, Allu Arvind, the producer of the film Master. The film had noteable technicians and people I have worked with before. Story was by Bhoopathy Raja, Dialogues by Satyanand, music by S.A.Rajkumar and photography by Chota.K.Naidu.

Chiranjeevi with his brother-in-law Allu Arvind had decided to go for a change of image for the mega star. From the start it was clearly decide that film would be about a common man, a character called Rajkumar, his love , his marriage and his child.

Rajkumar, a very rich man,  had a school of dance and music. He was also a great choreographer. His only weakness was his friends, for whom he would go out of his way to help In came Shanthi, a simple middle class girl. An unexpected meeting in a party praves way for their love and soon translates into marriage and his child. Without any adornments of his star image scenes, it was a cakewalk subject to handle. Writer Bhoopathy came up with an excellent husband, wife and child drama.