Dharma Chakram (Telugu,1995)

Once again for Rama Naidu productions (Prema was the first), with actor Venkatesh.

A very hard-hitting story of an honest lawyer, Rakesh has a tragic past when his own father, Mahendra, a very ambitious politician in pursuit of his own future leads to his son’s girlfriend to death. Angered and shocked at this father’s behaviour, both Rakesh and his mother walk out of the house. He then concentrates all his energy on his career and does a number of good gestures for the down trodden and earns a reputation for being and honest lawyer

It is at this time, Sandhaya comes into his life. Things take a turn for the better and happiness returns when his politician father also returns to his wife. However, happy times are short-lived, when Mahendra of his father, Rakesh flatly refuses to help him. But Mahendra spins a web of deceit and cons him into fighting his case, levering on the ‘honesty tag’, precious to Rakesh.

How Rakesh fights the case of his life, is the climax of the film.Venkatesh gave a brilliant performance and bagged the sate and Filmfare award for his performance. I received Cinema Express award for the Best Director