Indrudu Chandrudu (Telugu,1989)

Dubbed in Tamil as INDIRAN CHANDRAN.

A strange combination worked out for this film! My first film hero Kamal Haasan and first telugu producer Rama Naidu came together in this movie. Rama Naidu who had produced classic like Prem Nagar and other mega hits with almost all great stars like N.T.Rama Rao, Nageshwara Rao, Sivaji Ganesan, in his 100 odd films, worked with Kamal Haasan for the first time. For me it was a great feeling of pride and joy to have such a combination! Just before announcing this film, I also received a state award for Best Director in Prema. Double joy in a single moment!

The film had Kamal Haasan playing a double role. On one role he played a corrupt mayor G.K.Rayudu and the other, a good man Chandran, who strangely resembled the mayor in looks.

It is a story of G.K.Rayudu who was corruption personified. He misuses his powers in the office to the maximum, has a mistress and no love or affection for his wife or children. One of those rare moments in life comes along when he realises his mistake and transforms himself. But before he could redeem himself, he is killed by his mistress and her husband. Strangely when they were talking the body of the mayor, they find another man Chandran who was himself escaping from a mental hospital found this to be perfect place to hide and agrees to all condtions. He steps into the shoes of G.K.Rayudu as a mayor and a father and in the process falls in love with a journalist. Towards the end of the movie Chandran creates a good image of the dead and corrupt mayor. In short he made a Ravana-like Mayor into a Rama.

Kamal Haasan bagged the state award for the Best Actor.

The movie has comedy all the way . It ran for 100 days in many parts of Andhra Pradesh but in Hyderabad in a theater it ran for 365 days. A great record indeed!