Iti Maa Ashokgadi Love Story (Telugu,2002)

The film was produced by Nimbus. Music was by Anand Millind. It was a modern love story with all new artistes.

It was edited by Venkatesh Marthand with photography by Pratap.

The film had a very unusual narrative. We all know and understand that friendship between people in college does not necessarily continue after college years. People grow apart with their careers and lives and not many stay in touch. This story is about those few friends who remain in touch with each other almost forever.

It has been five years since college, each have become lost in their respective careers. Nevertheless a group of friends in the story remember their close friend Ashok, a popular person who they all looked upon as their hero. Ashok has been missing from their lives since college. They get together often and talk about their great times in college, love between Ashok and Kanchana and also Ashok’s absence in their lives.

The story alternates between past and present from this point. One fine day, surprisingly, they find Ashok working as a car driver to some small time musician. They all reunite to talk about old times when Ashok tells his life-story and how is relationship with Kanchana ended abruptly.

The friends who were the real architects in Ashok and Kanchana’s relationship earlier decide to find her and make Ashok’s love story successful. They finally trace her, the friends help Ashok and Sweta to together.

Then one of life’s paradoxes manifests itself. Ashok gets his first opportunity to sing only to find that the director of the Video is none other than Kanchana’s fiance, Kanchana as the costume designer and Sweta as the choreographer. Four of them get into a plane and reach Bangkok for the shoot. What happens and how it all ends is suspense reserved for those who wish to see the film!