Prema (Telugu,1988/89)

Produced by the legendary producer D.Rama Naidu, with his son Venkatesh as the hero and Revathi as the heroine with music by lllayaraja. The film was a beautiful love story between an introvert, Prithvi and an extrovert, Maggie. Prithvi with a disturbed past, is a loner with only music as his companion. He comes across a totally contrasting girl, full of life and smiles. With Maggie’s love, he slowly comes out of his cocoon and pursues his musical career. But when he was about to give his first live performance in television, she was dying in the hospital.

A tragic love story, went on to become a successful 100 days film.

It bagged 4 state Awards, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Photography and Best Supporting Actor to S.P. Balasubramaniam.

My personal milestone was when K.Balachander saw film and said ” Suresh, it’s a beautiful love story, very well shot, I felt like I am seeing my own film “A great compliment indeed! A legend comparinghis assistant’s work as if it were his own.