Prince (Malayalam,1996)

I always longed to work with one of  finest actors in India, Mohanlal. The experience was as I had expected and I enjoyed every bit of it. It was produced by Century Films. Actress Prema played the heroine in the movie.

It was a story of the other side of a Mafia family. Jeeva, son of a Don, falls in love with Swarna, daughter of a famous carnatic singer named Vishwanath. He hides the truth of his family background from her to win her love. But then one fine day she comes to know and shocked beyond disbelief, uses silence as her weapon to bring him to confess his situation. How Jeeva goes through trials and trials and tribulations of saving his love on one side and law of the mafia on the other side forms the theme of the film. A brilliant performance from Mohanlal.