Sangamam (Tamil,1999)

Another of those pre-determined moments in my life! I always wanted to work with the genius Music Director A.R.Rahman. When a call from Rahman me to direct a film for his co Brother Rehman, I was overjoyed. I wanted to use this opportunity to work with ARP on challenging subject for both of us. Writer Bhopathy Raja came with a lovely subject of marrying folk music and Bharat Natyam themes.

ARR was extremely happy to hear the subject and thought it would be a great challenge for him as he had only done modern trendy music until then. To do film combining folk musiv, successfully popularised by lllayaraja and classical carnatic music, worked upon by veterans such as M.S.Viswanathan and Mahadevan, would be a challenge not for the faint hearted! But then ARR took it up to his expectations and bagged many awards and appreciation from both critics and mass.

Vairamuthu the lyricist has always been my favorite. His lovely poetry always helps me picturise the scene beautifully. He bagged the National Award for his work in this film.

Amid all the musical focus, the film was essentially a love story between a folk singer called Selvam and a bharatnatyam dancer called Abirami. Set in a beautiful rural scene, the film is very close to my heart, for you rarely come across musical subject like this as a Director.