Sathya, First break in Direction (Tamil,1987/88)


This film was an adaptation of the Hindi film ARJUN. This was Kamal Haasan’s next film after Nayakan. It was a film about youth, the unemployment issue, family problems faced by middle class and exploitation of the youth by politicians for their own benefit.

It portrayed Kamal Haasan as angry young man. He hadvery short hair and a beard, well suited to his role. The realistic background and approach was appreciated both by audience and critics.

It became a trend-setter for many youth based films later. It had brilliant action sequences and lovely sound track. Bharati Rajaa the famous director after viewing the film called me up and said. “I don’t believe this is your first film! Its fantastic! All the Best!”

It went on to become a very successful film running more than 100 days all over Tamil Nadu.