Shiva Shakti (Tamil, 1996)

Starring two popular actors Sathyaraj and Prabhu, for the first time, it was a well-mounted film of two friends. Shiva (played by Sathyaraj), had a mission to get back to his parents village lost to the hands of terrorists. Shakti (played by actor Prabhu), befriends Shiva as a good friend only to reveal later he was a policeman on undercover.

As Shakti comes closer to Shiva, he realises that Shiva is a good person and has noble mission . A twist in the story enfolds and Shakti faces a dilemma of choosing between being a policeman on one said and his close friend on the other. Shiva is shocked later to know that his dear friend Shakti was in fact a policeman with underlying  intentions. A terrific drama ensues from there.

Brilliant performance from lead actors and brilliant action sequences were highlights of the film.