Vasundhara (Telugu, 1991/92)

Following Amma, this was another film for Ramoji Rao company. It was a story of strained relationship between a father and daughter.

Raghava loved his wife so much that when he loses his wife at childbirth, he blames his newborn infant to be fully responsible for snatching his wife away. He just would not accept her as his daughter. Vasundara finds solace only in her grandmother. At one stage when the father realises his stupidity, Vasundara walks away from his life. Raghava, stands on a major cross road of his life and finds no one to help him untill Vasundara comes to his rescue. Realising his mistake, he begs her to come back home but she is unable to accept him and refuses the offer. Vasundara’s decision and her walking away from his life for the second time greatly shocks Raghava.

The film had brilliant performance. Fine technical values. It won three awards. I got the Best Screenplay State award, along with Mixing engineer, and child actor. The film performed above average and was critically acclaimed.