Vedan (Tamil, 1993)

Starring action hero Sarath Kumar, with Kushboo, Sarath Babu and Charan Raj. It was produced by Sathyajyothi film’s Thyagarajan with music by Deva.

An action packed 007 kind of film, it is about policeman Vijay, on an undercover mission to red-handedly catch Bhoopathy, one of the most notorious criminals of the state. Bhoopathy has powerful links with very influential politicians, a difficult catch, out of reach from the arms of the law! Vijay with the help of his mentor, Raghava is embedded in to the underworld. He plays his role to perfection and gradually rises in rank to become right hand man of the villain. But what he did not expect in the process of exposing the truth, was that he would have to witness tha death of his mentor before his eyes.

Vijay fights many battles from Chennai to Singapore and almost gets killed before he succeeds in saving his state and his country from falling in to wrong hands!