Veera (Tamil,1994)

Another combinitation with Super star Rajnikant, with Meena and Roja. Music by the maestro Ilayaraja and produced by the famous writer Panju Arunachalam.

It was a brilliant comedy film with a love angle. The super star in combination with Senthil another ace comedian won the hearts of many with his amazing comedy sense.

The hero a small singer from a village comes to city in pursuit of becoming big in singing in a competition. He goes on to win the first prize and from there his musical career succeeded but then came the trouble too. The audio cassette owner’s daughter falls in love with him and wanted to marry him but then hero who was already in Love with a girl in his village somehow tried to escape.

At one stage he comes to know that his village girl had died in a cyclonic storm and when he comes back he is forced by his mother to marry the rich girl. He agrees. The dead village girl returns and now the whole confusion begins. To save the situation he keeps telling lies one after the other even created another hero, thus creating lot of commical funny situations.